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Posted By: Gallus Moll
14-Jul-17 - 03:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Do you play with google earth maps?
Subject: RE: BS: Do you play with google earth maps?
a few years ago there was a bit of a stushie when a couple of garage mechanics noticed the google earth camera recording car/van passing the end of their road- - they anticipated the route it would follow while filming and they quickly set up a scenario where one 'murdered' the other with a big tool as the camera was passing next time, then the 'murderer' made off leaving the 'body' lying on the street, 'murder' weapon discarded nearby.........and this whole scenario actually appeared on goggle earth for a wee while- until there were so many people contacting them and police to report the 'murder'----!!!!!
(I saw something on the news at the time, don't think it is an urban folk tale?)