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Posted By: Jim Carroll
16-Jul-17 - 04:44 AM
"It is impossible to have an attitude toward Israel that is fair and acceptable to all sides"
Yes it is Joe - that's why the reasonable members of this planet are organising a boycott to stop what is happening to the Palestinian people
It is like saying that is impossible to have a reasonable attitude that is acceptable to both sides when Nazism was on the rise in Germany
I don't wish to appease both sides i I want tne killing and the ethnic cleansing in this genocidal war to stop
You people have reduced this conflict to the Israeli regime and their victims - not the mass of humanity of whatever religious persuasion or ethnic make up who occupy the area - the Israeli and the Palestinian people.
Like all wars, it's the politicians who send the troops into battle and the people who die - you judge the conflict on its ethical merits.
You may not have meant to cause offence , but by Christ, you most certainly have
You opened up by blamming the "liberals" for slinging the term "Jew Hater " about
You went on to say you could find no other examples
When they were listed for you, you shrugged and minimised the term into silliness or some such phrase and absolved the main culprit by sayin he only picked up the term from someone else
Nowhere do I see an apology for your behaviour or a withdrawal od your claims
You have joined the troll choir and added that I can't be fair
You don't hide your light under a bushel - do you
To say I am disappointed would eb to understate my feelings
My offer stands to you as it does to all the others
Name your charity
I really have had a bellyful of the dishonesty that has become a permanent part of these discussions
Jim Carroll