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Posted By: Joe Offer
16-Jul-17 - 09:50 PM
Golly, gee. I took a day off to go to Mass and a song circle, and look at all the responses I got. I even got a song written about me by some cowardly anonymous idiot who's afraid to give his/her name.

Here's Jim Carroll, proving that he actually may be a Jew-hater after all:

Note how he compares the Israelis to Nazis. To compare Israel to Nazi Germany is well at the top of the scale of being egregiously offensive. It's just not something that civilized people do, Jim. Am I right in thinking that sort of anti-semitism could be considered a criminal offense in some countries?

But still, I don't actually believe Jim to be a Jew-hater. I just think he is so certain that there is no possibility that BOTH sides can be right, and BOTH sides need to compromise to accommodate their conflicting needs.

Note, however, Jim's annoying and simplistic habit of considering nations and churches and other entities as monolithic - completely ignoring the diversity of opinion and action that exists within every group. That monolithic viewpoint is the foundation of bigotry. Jim's a good guy and I think he should be smart enough to see beyond that.

In Israel, the nation's dealings with the Palestinian people is a very controversial issue that has not been resolved in the 70 years of the nation's history. A great many Israelis are very sympathetic to Palestinian concerns, but Jim's perspective allows them no voice.

Jim apparently has a dualistic mind that allows him to see only black and white, good and evil. That sort of dualism leads to trouble, since it does not allow for compromise, or for respect of opponents. I hope some day that Jim can develop a broader, more tolerant vision.

I'm a moderate, and I have a nasty habit of seeing many sides to almost every issue. That makes me insufferably wishiy-washy, like my patron saint Charlie Brown.

And I have another fault - I fail to take Internet discussions very seriously, because they are invariably dominated by the bigoted bullies with the loudest mouths and the least amount of intelligence. So, I see so much of what they say as just plain silly. My saying that makes them crazy, of course, as you can see above. And so, I rely on my other patron saint, Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine, whose slogan is "What? ME worry?"

I see some accusations above that I'm "trolling" this thread. I don't think that's true. I'm just daring to question the bullies who dominate almost every political thread here.

-Joe Offer-

So, Jim, since you proved the "Jew-hater" allegations to have credence, you should be the one to make a contribution to the charity of your choice. I'd suggest ADL - the Jewish Defense League. I consider your suggestion of the ultraconservative Catholic Opus Dei organization to be offensive - yet another proof of your monolithic, bigoted point of view. And you used the same bigoted viewpoint to condemn current-day Americans for what happened in Spain in 1936. You're some piece of work, Jim. Try thinking of being a bit open-minded for a change.