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Posted By: Bonzo3legs
17-Jul-17 - 12:16 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Field Recording
Subject: RE: Tech: Field Recording
I'm sorry about your mother punkfolkrocker. My wife was rushed to Croydon University Hospital a week ago last Saturday suffering with speech, mobility and memory loss. Fears were that she'd had a stroke but CT scan showed a blood clot between skull & brain. After transfer to the Neurological Unit at St George's Trauma Hospital in Tooting, she had surgery to remove the blood clot on Monday evening, and is now at home talking 19 to the dozen, with partial memory return and is able to walk again, albeit slowly!

I also have a well used Sony WM-D6C Pro Walkman which I bought around 1990. The motors on mine are OK but I think it needs a new record head.