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Posted By: treewind
17-Jul-17 - 03:44 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Field Recording
Subject: RE: Tech: Field Recording
"If you do modify it, you must make your modifications publicly available"
Actually with GPL 2 there's no restriction on using a version you've modified; you can even distribute your modified version but that distributed version also must have the same GPL 2 license. No charging astronomical fees for your "improvements"!

"Let's not forget mini disc was a lossy format"
As is MP3 which people are quite happy to record with. And MD was 292k bits/sec which is a high enough rate that very few people would be able to tell the difference, especially on a field recording where nothing is of studio quality anyway.

The chief disadvantage of Minidisc for portable recording was that the recording mechanism clicked loudly, which is why portable MDs never had a built in mic: you had to have a an external mic and keep it away from the recorder.