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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
17-Jul-17 - 10:27 PM
Thread Name: cigs and e-ecigs in the folk scene
Subject: RE: cigs and e-ecigs in the folk scene
E-cigarettes pose health policy conundrum as Australia faces vaping push

For years smoking has been banned in most public areas, including hotels, restaurants, clubs & community centres, the main locations of folk clubs & concerts. Smokers are also discouraged from congregating near these venues.

A couple of years ago our club had to move into the Community Centre's other hall when our hall was double booked due to the booking manager not posting the regular bookings.

We learnt a few days later that the group that took our hall lost their deposit (around $600, twice the fee for use of the hall) & were also fined $700 when one of their members lit up in the grounds underneath the smoke alarm which is linked to the local Fire Brigade. Fire brigades charge for non-emergency call outs so it was a very expensive party that would have been cheaper if they had obeyed lease conditions.