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Posted By: Bruce from Bathurst
18-Jul-17 - 01:36 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Field Recording
Subject: RE: Tech: Field Recording
Over the years I've collected field recordings for the National Library of Australia, I've broadcast a radio folk program weekly since 1976 and I've done a bit of band recording here and there. This certainly doesn't make me an expert, merely old, but I've used a lot of different recording equipment of various standards and complexity, as well as an assortment of digital editing software.

At the risk of offering "me too" comments, I also like the good old Zoom H2 (or H2N or H4) for ease of use and portability in most situations. Very convenient, particularly for interviewing, and perfectly adequate for more serious recording purposes, although I guess that depends on your own definition of 'serious'.

As recommended by Jim Carroll, et al, it makes sense to invest in a larger sound card and a mini-tripod. The H2 and H2N look and feel slightly flimsy and I've seen what happens when an H2 hits the deck, so you don't want to drop 'em! If you have to hold the little screw-in handle thingy, wrap it in something to reduce the likelihood of sound transfer if and when you have to change your grip.

Here's another vote for Adobe Audition, if you can get it cheaply, or Audacity as a reasonable alternative. With both programs, it's not too difficult to learn what you need to know and not too frustrating to ignore the rest.