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Posted By: Mr Red
19-Jul-17 - 06:14 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Field Recording
Subject: RE: Tech: Field Recording
certainly record in WAV, unless you aim to have millions of files.
I prefer to remove the SD card and transfer to HDD. But a warning - transfer & replace as a habit. Every time. Or you will arrive without storage and won't be able to work out why it records and switches off willy-nilly. Have spare SD cards in case you forget (or fill the card). I think 32 Gb is possible. Get more than one!

The last time I had brainfade and left the card at home, I had two camers with SD cards with me, but not the spare cards. Sony do stupid things with the card so it won't work in the Zoom without re-formatting, and I forgot the Samsung camera was with me. However, I routinely record with two devices (and a third- the wrist recorder). So I had a very acceptable recording from the Galaxy miniS3. I tried to keep my arm still but............ if it was the only recorder I would have.

Oh & remember which way the recorder is pointing. In shotgun mode it is important, because of the spacial response, it is so good. One day I swamped the recording and the interviewee is barely discernable! Doh!

Table cloth &/or towel is a good wheeze.