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Posted By: Backwoodsman
20-Jul-17 - 02:49 AM
Thread Name: ADD:The Story Teller (Rick Huddleston)
Subject: ADD: The Story Teller (Rick Huddleston)
Had an email from Rick this morning with the lyrics...enjoy!!

(Rick Huddleston) ©1989

The Storyteller sat by the dusty roadside
A thousand tales were shining in his black and laughing eyes
But no-one stops to hear 'cause they're too busy
They've got no room for stories in their lives
But he just sat there waiting for the ears he knew would listen
The eyes he knew would see and once more, deeply, see again
Because one in every million has a dragon slaying heart
And the love of life to tell the tales again

You should have heard the loving and the laughter
You should have seen the dragon slain
You should have heard these dream as they unfolded
The stories may not be this way again

One day a young man walked the dusty roadside
Weighed down by his labours and the shortness of his life
He heard a voice say, "Son, you are the sword that fought the dragon
And the prince who took the princess for his wife
The hero whose laughter turned the giant from his mountain
Whose sword has freed a thousand with a thousand more to find"
Each word shone like a candle in his darkness
Each line a lesson to his troubled mind


He stopped and laid his burden by the roadside
Looking deep into the storyteller's black and laughing eyes
Where he saw his mettle tested to the limit
Heard the old man's tales so wonderful and wise
Then he walked on down the road with so deep an understanding
That a life of labour earns a life of rest
And that not every sword that swings is someone's saviour
But what you be you must be at your best

The ages flew, the grey hairs grew, his labours left behind
He languished in the rest the old man said that he would find
He recalled the many stories that has made his mind so free
And told them to his children that they may live as he
And so it is the passing of the deepest understanding
Goes in stories told from age to worries youth
And so on throughout history's generations
While there's dragon-slayer hearts to hold the truth