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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
20-Jul-17 - 09:54 PM
Thread Name: ADD:The Story Teller (Rick Huddleston)
Subject: RE: ADD:The Story Teller (Rick Huddleston)
Nice song there.

Here's some musical drift that this thread prompted. "The Storyteller " is the kind of name for a song which is hard to resist if you write songs, and here's another that I wrote a few years ago. (Not prompted by this thread, which I'd never seen, nor by coming across either of the songs that have turned up here or any others called that, just because I was prompted by the idea of that as a name for a song, and this is what turned up.) So I thought I'd put it in here:

       The Storyteller
There was a man told stories
To help us understand,
And he went by the name of Jesus
And he wandered round the land,
He had time for everybody,
But especially for the poor,
And he never turned his back upon
The ones who needed more,
And he healed the sick and wounded
Such wonders to behold
But the greatest wonder of them all
Were the stories that he told.
   And here's another story,
   It's a story that is true,
   And the stories live forever,
   And the storyteller too.

Once a woman lost a silver coin
But she didn't sit and and weep,
She searched about to find it,
And she gave the house a sweep,
She rubbed it and she scrubbed it,
And she hunted round and round,
She turned the whole place upside down
Until the coin was found -
And when she found what she had lost,
Said Jesus, with a grin,
She said "Let's have a party
And invite the neighbours in."
   And here's another story,
   He told for me and you
   And the stories live forever
   And the storyteller too.

There was a man, said Jesus,
And he was much the same,
He had a little flock of sheep,
He could call each one by name,
He built a little shelter to keep them safe and warm
And he lay across the door at night,
To guard them from all harm,
But one day one went missing,
And he left the rest behind,
He searched the hills all over,
Till the lost one he could find,
And when he found the one was lost,
Far from the beaten track,
He put it on his shoulders,
And he brought the wanderer back.
   And here's another story,
   He told for me and you
   And the stories live forever,
   And the storyteller too.

Do you know what makes a neighbour,
Well, I'll tell you, Jesus said
A traveller met some robbers,
And they left him there for dead
And as he lay there bleeding
Some good folk came along.
And if you think they helped him,
Why then, you've got it wrong.
No, one by one they saw him there
The holy men and wise,
And they crossed the road to get away,
Passed on the other side.
But a stranger stopped, he bound his wounds
And carried him away,
And took him to a friendly inn,
And he paid for him to stay.
And who was then the neighbour?
Not the holy nor the wise,
The man who wasn't one of us,
The sort that we despise.
    And that's another story
    He told for me and you
    And the stories live forever,
    And the storyteller too.
And there were many other stories,
That he told us, night and day,
And each one had a meaning,
To help us on the way,
And in the end they killed him,
The wealthy and the strong,
They hung him up upon a hill
And they thought they had him gone,
And they thought they had him silenced,
And his words would not live on,
But the story wasn't over,
And by God, but they were wrong
   And that's another story,
   It's a story that is true
   And the stories live forever,
   And the storyteller too.

26th 0ctober 2014