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Posted By: Steve Shaw
21-Jul-17 - 09:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Clerical Abuse of Children
Subject: RE: BS: Catholic Abuse of Children
Keith, we are trying to rescue the Labour thread from your insane and obsessive grip. If that means discussing the heights of mountains, or Dave, well so be it. Your input is highly repressive, and responding to it is worse than pointless.

Joe, one problem in this sexy-obsessive world of ours is the language we use. Priests are "celibate." We have "gay weddings" and "same-sex marriage." You'd think that the average priest went around all day expending his energy resisting sexy urges instead of getting on with his priestly duties. You'd think that gay people shunned the mundane vicissitudes of everyday life so that they can spend all their time "being gay." One clown here insists on referring to "homosexual marriage." Defining a long-term relationship via a reference to sexual proclivities in that way only is a gross misrepresentation. Well I've been happily married for forty years and, while you don't get to hear about my sex life, I can tell you without fear or favour that I haven't quite got sex on the brain all day (I used to, but I had it lowered). There are lots of lovely young women on holiday here at the moment and I confess to being one of those blokes who has enough of an "aesthetic" streak in him to have a very subliminal sexy thought at frequent intervals (though not quite every six seconds). But as I go about whatever it is I go about every day, it's on the back burner. So I agree with you. We can have great, well-balanced lives without sex being upfront all the time. That's just annoying. I like the openness of modern life but there can be casualties.