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Posted By: Jack Campin
23-Jul-17 - 07:20 PM
Thread Name: Artists And Their Signature Instruments
Subject: RE: Artists And Their Signature Instruments
Cathal McConnell carries around a briefcaseful of battered and fungoid flutes and whistles, but most of his fluteplaying is on one instrument, a right-handed 8-key wooden flute which he plays lefthanded with most of the keys disabled by insulating tape and rubber bands. Hardly anybody else can get a sound out of it. There is a story that he was once due to play it in an outdoor gig in a hot country so it needed oiling, and there wasn't any bore oil around, so he used the oil from a tin of sardines. If it ever came into my possession I'd handle it with tongs and give it to a museum.

I think Peerie Willie Johnson had the same guitar for most of his life, which he carried around Lerwick in a bin bag.

At any moment there will be several "Rolf Harris" Stylophones for sale on EBay. But for some reason I've never seen a wobble board for sale - they were a more imaginative invention.