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Posted By: Joe Offer
26-Jul-17 - 10:55 PM
Thread Name: Origins:Deportees-seeking original Woody recording
Subject: RE: Origins:Deportees-seeking original Woody recording
Hi, Phil - maybe Hammond got it from what I posted in this thread (click) in 2002: But Doctor John posted that information earlier than I did, up above in this thread. The Wikipedia article on "Crop Destruction" says that Steinbeck described the intentional destruction of crops in Grapes of Wrath, but I didn't have any luck finding the Steinbeck quote. Can anybody find out what Grapes of Wrath had to say about crop destruction?

Now, I don't remember where I got the information. Maybe it was Doctor John, maybe not. I see that I was asking your same question in 2001, and then posting the answer in 2002. Maybe I asked an old farmer in Fresno, or the Coalinga newspaper writer who wrote all the articles about the crash. It has long been common practice to pour somethng poison on waste food to render it inedible. Restaurants have been widely criticized for poisoning the waste food in their Dumpsters, and that practice has been outlawed in places.

Creosote is nasty stuff, and it used to be cheap and readily available on farms for use as a wood preservative - especially for fence posts.

Hey, Phil - I needed to ask you a private question about a book. Could you email me at