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Posted By: Nick
31-Jul-17 - 03:25 PM
Thread Name: San Francisco in September
Subject: San Francisco in September
My son is working in San Francisco so it is a good reason to go and visit. I have never been before to the west coast of America - my wife and I enjoyed a trip to the east coast a few years ago and even met people who knew people that we know when we went to a bar in Maine. Small worlds.

It's probably unlikely that we will do it again so very much a one off trip.

There for two and a half weeks from beginning of September.

So any suggestions of 'must sees'? A friend has suggested Yosemite and Death Valley. Big Sur looks nice and I'm - rightly or wrongly think that I won't go to LA or Las Vegas.

But I'm very open to suggestion.

But also it would be good if anyone knew anywhere that we could watch or even share a bit of music. I like clubs, bars and small places rather than arenas.

I like folk - blues - jazz - rock. If it had been many years ago I could have happily listened to the Allman Brothers or similar play one track for the evening with guitar solo after solo in the west coast american way that may not actually exist :)

Any input appreicated