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Posted By: saulgoldie
07-Aug-17 - 12:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: First Joke Thread of 2017
Subject: RE: BS: First Joke Thread of 2017
Not all that calls itself "humor" or "funny" is. Or at least, not to everyone of every culture of every time period, of every land mass. I have sat through at least several "comedy shows" that absolutely were not. To me, anyway. But others laughed. And some of the pretenders on stage were actually traveling professionals who obviously had some fans.

And some times, I have heard jokes performed that I remember from a bygone era. Funny then, or maybe not. BUT the audience there (now), or at least a number of folks there had not heard these jokes, and laughed raucously.

So here's me, just hoping that we can have a peaceful joke thread where people enjoy what they can and ignore what they can't. Just like in real life where we take beauty and other wonderful things where and how we experience them, and pass by what does not please us.

Thenk yew.