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09-Aug-17 - 01:35 AM
Thread Name: Whatever happened to Gordon Haskell?
Subject: RE: Whatever happened to Gordon Haskell?
I avoid blogging as a general rule but re-reading one's thoughts of several years as one does in a diary is quite encouraging especially as it demonstrates how , when one tells the truth, it never changes even as one learns more. There is a consistency. Right now although Wikipaedia may say I am resident in the UK, I can correct that on this site purely for my own record. I know very few will visit and that's rather convenient . I am not a resident, I am passing through , pending the outcome of the next 12 months . I think I am prepared for what is coming down the pipe . I believe I am informed and it is this fact that enables me to feel equipped. It's not going to be easy for any of us. Inversion of the truth seems to be the habit of the evil that exists among a select few . Hence they call themselves 'the elite' when it is obvious to any decent human being they are the scum of the earth. New-speak has caught on but it's easy enough to hit back . They are cowards and most of the population will choose to be on the right side of history. There are 8,500 Satanic Bankers at the top of their structure supposedly controlling us all. But miracles do happen and they can be exposed and crushed. Miracles do happen. One happened for me. Remember? Do you know how wonderful you are? It means we each possess the power to overcome these Luciferians who are running the show at the moment. No wonder it was hard for kids like me at 55. At 71 now, it's a lot clearer. Feeling good by the way. They have nothing that I need or want.