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Posted By: GUEST,Phil d'Conch
09-Aug-17 - 01:40 AM
Thread Name: Origins:Deportees-seeking original Woody recording
Subject: RE: Origins:Deportees-seeking original Woody recording

"Whatever doesn't fit the marketing order has to be disposed of in a way that doesn't create a black market that will undercut the crop standards and prices set by the marketing order. Sometimes, that has involved pouring vile substances on the produce to make it inedible. So, when Woody said creosote, I didn't question it."

An urban legend as old as the law itself. It gets debunked regularly. This time last year it was Michigan Farmers Forced to Destroy Edible Cherries to Prop Up Imports?

In 1940 it was Grapes of Wrath. I think that's your source and that's a work of fiction. Where are the facts? Neither you nor I have ever seen such a thing, right?

THINK about it Joe. Does one grade of fruit cost any less to produce than another? Same tree and all y'know. Year in, year out, orchards process about 3% culls, waste and trash at a marginal profit. It's measured in gross tons. Nothing is wasted.