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Posted By: Guran
12-Aug-17 - 12:52 AM
Thread Name: Blues on the English Concertina
Subject: RE: Blues on the English Concertina
"...need excessive force, then if you do eventually manage to bend the note you have to spend money getting it retuned..."

Well...isn't that more or less what I said myself?? but not "excessive", it *can* be done, Bertram can do it with his Anglo and others maybe also as EB claims ( but I do want to hear the result...).
With accordions you find some instruction presentations here for example:

I have tried it for curiosity and the effect definitely may be achieved with the concertina too. How much stress you need is difficult to say and "good" concertina reeds definitely work against it. It is only in the lower range it may be done and like harmonica reeds it would be possible to profile and temper the concertina reeds to make it more practicable.With accordions and more space available some people have modified the design to get a more "bluesy" sound.
The "Blues Box" by Tom Toonon for example ( see for presentation) Showed by another player here

When you learn to bend with the harmonica you also tend to use "excessive force" in the beginning until you got the hands, instrument,lips, tongue and throat ( and eventually the mike) all working together.I would not say bending is necessary to play blues on a concertina, there is so much more to it as you probably mean yourself.

But frankly, IF you want a bluesy sound with a squeezebox I think the trad cajun/zydeco melodeon style is the most impressive as is...