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Posted By: The Sandman
12-Aug-17 - 09:12 AM
Thread Name: Blues on the English Concertina
Subject: RE: Blues on the English Concertina
"not necessarily in what you can do"
Interesting, I could attempt to emulate the horrible style of Rev K Loveless, in my opinion a cacophony of unmusical sounds, but I am not going to, because i do not like it. neither do i like the sound of the EC when players are trying to force notes, just for the record as someone who can play blues harmonica, let me say I find it much easier to bend notes on the suck, on the push using a cupped hand and opening the hand gives a vibrato but not such an effective bend.
I am not convinced by your suggestion of forcing notes, to me it sounds nothing like the bend achieved on the draw with a harmonica,My Advice to anyone reading this is not attempt to force notes on the concertina, but to achieve a bluesy sound by playing a duet and using piano type blues, or[on the EC] to use the right hand techniques of piano blues without the walking bass, in my opinion forcing reeds is an abuse of the instrument, but that is just my opinion. My version of FOUR UNTIL LATE uses counterpoint similiar to Blind Lemon Jefferson