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Posted By: Donuel
12-Aug-17 - 09:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: Trump Korean War II
Subject: RE: BS: Trump Korean War II
The way forward is an adult conversation. Standard operating procedure is kicking the can down the road. Diplomacy came close once during the Clinton administration but failed. We have settled for a standoff since China does not want to share a border with part of the US empire. I know next to nothing but I can speak off the cuff;
if Germany could unite so can Korea - Its up to YOU China! You are capitalistic enough to absorb the change. And you US, lay down your guns.

Hong Kong is being extorted into an extension of the mainland and will in time not have any sovereign status. Some speak of the subjugation of Taiwan in fullness of time further pushing the US away. The last domino would be Japan absorbed into a Chinese empire. I don't see that happening.

Trump will possibly change the status quo in the Koreas but that is not his aim or talent. His MO is to first threaten to sue, then delay.
I personally dislike being his puppet on a string, when he tugs we all scream.

It is best to avoid making my dream come true, remember how people went out their front door and blamed each other to the end?

A way forward will be good or a cataclysm, the old standoff is crumbling. Reasonable women and men can do this.