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Posted By: Donuel
12-Aug-17 - 12:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: The (in)glorious 12th
Subject: RE: BS: The (in)glorious 12th
Truth is awful funny, but as funny grows awful goes.

I snigger at all the grouse in my fridge.
My bubbling submerged laughter needs a Merlin
to release the mighty floodgates below.

I've met hunters I don't like, some a smidge.
But that has never kept me from laughing with'em.
In fact laughing always made bonds grow.

I killed 2 grouse with my car on the same ridge
They left a mark on my windshield with their beak.
I never saw them coming , so how would I know.

What some do by gun I do by Datsun and a smirk.
There's plenty of hoary shooters like tight lipped sheep.
They join a group, pick a park and lock the gate.

With bow and arrow there's no sound, they don't work.
But the blast of a gun will delight any creep?
You be judge if they are a villain or soul mate.

Some hit their mark with an instant kill by a quirk.
Feelings fueled by toxic tanks of hate that seep.
Killers in a clique, it needn't be your fate.

In our mind we know who's the saint and who's the jerk.
It is sick to worship the prejudice they keep.
My best medicine is laughing at hate.

Twisting gun nuts upon themselves makes me smile.
Death by amendment with a loving heart makes us weep
Here's laughing at you, and your entire manly group.

They choose sides, load their guns and lock their gate.
They drink and wash from a toxic tank and make communal soup.
AR 15's rule the roost, some say for roast grouse sake