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Posted By: Acme
13-Aug-17 - 12:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: blood & soil Nazification of America
Subject: RE: BS: blood&soil Nazification of America
One hopes that something will eventually compel the GOP to push their president out of office. His tolerance of this Nazi march *seems* like the final straw, but the GOP desire to undo the Great Society as envisioned by Lyndon Johnson seems unquenchable. So far. Until the rich pay no taxes and the poor get no benefits, they won't be happy. And Trump won't be happy. Something else is going to have to nudge him out of office. What do you want to bet that millions of pissed off Americans might just manage it? He can't block all of us on Twitter. Frankly, at this point, I don't care if he ends up deceased or in prison. He never should have been put in office, the numbers will eventually show the Russian interference in critical states, but he needs to be marched out of the White House, and his lapdog Pence, too.