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Posted By: Jim Carroll
13-Aug-17 - 05:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: Trump Korean War II
Subject: RE: BS: Trump Korean War II
"No-one is suggesting a US nuclear attack."
Any attack is likely to provoke a nuclear reaction
This is a time for diplomacy and negotiation not the only response Trump is capable of - belligerence
Do you think North Korea is likely to stand for being disarmed?
You were the one who described interference in another country's affairs as "fascism" - what's the difference between the North Korean leadership and Assad.
Whewn it comes to who is suitabe to possess Nuclear Weapons - I would reckon NK and the US are neck-and-neck
Both have unstable leaders and the US has shown itself willing to use this shit on human beings.
Time to catch up with Bertrand Russell and Canon Collins I think - if it's not TOO LATE
Jim Carroll