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Posted By: gillymor
13-Aug-17 - 10:05 AM
Thread Name: BS: Trump Korean War II
Subject: RE: BS: Trump Korean War II
Clinton and Obama are no longer in office and bringing either of them into the argument is irrelevant at this stage, even though invoking their names seems to be a soothing balm for enthusiastic Trump apologists. We have an individual in the Oval Office who is mentally unbalanced (I'm running out of ways to say it) and he's already fanned the flames of this dilemma with his video game rhetoric and I, for one, don't want him making decisions that could affect the safety and well-being and lives of a million or more people (all people, not just Americans). As I said earlier, the best thing he can do is back off and let the grownups take care of this. He's already demonstrated an astonishing inability to govern on the domestic front why, should we expect anything better in foreign affairs.
The prospect of invoking the 25th amendment is looking more appealing but is probably not going to happen as he's loaded up his cabinet with corporate bloodsuckers and sycophants with mindsets similar to his own. It would also leave us with a far right ideologue in charge but it's relatively certain Pence would act in a much more responsible manner.