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Posted By: Steve Shaw
13-Aug-17 - 10:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: The (in)glorious 12th
Subject: RE: BS: The (in)glorious 12th
Agreed, Jon. I'm not saying that we should always just manage the environment by leaving it alone (though that can be a good policy in some circumstances). Most of what we regard as our natural places are, in reality, semi-natural at best. That includes almost all of what we call our ancient woodland. The climax community has usually been deflected away from by our activities and, generally, the climax won't return even if we abandon the land, because we may have removed nutrients or altered the hydrology or degraded the soil or introduced alien species. In those circumstances, management for conservation and biodiversity may be the best policy. What wouldn't work is some ignorant berk with an agenda going out shooting at foxes, thinking he's restoring some kind of balance. He isn't, and he'll make things worse.

Incidentally, sparrowhawks are a native species whereas collared doves are recent aliens, dating back only to the early 1950s.