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Posted By: Donuel
13-Aug-17 - 11:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: blood & soil Nazification of America
Subject: RE: BS: blood&soil Nazification of America
There are lots of Americans who do not know or notice the Nazification.
Not even the mother of the guy who rammed his car Into protesters knew.

There are five States that have laws awaiting approval to make it legal to ram, run over or kill protesters with a car or truck.
North Carolina, North Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Florida.

There are 18 States that Republicans have introduced bills to curb protesting; Washington, Oregon, Iowa, Arizona, Oklahoma, Colorado, North Dakota by 'certain' folks, South Dakota, Virginia, Mississippi, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Indiana, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina...

Protesters will be prosecuted as economic terrorists.

Did you know?