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Posted By: Steve Shaw
15-Aug-17 - 07:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hedgerows and Verges
Subject: RE: BS: Hedgerows and Verges
Brambles are not a single species. Rubus fruticosus agg. reproduces by apomixis and/or sexually and is prone to doubling up its chromosome count, so in the UK it's likely that there are upward of 400 microspecies. In my experience, fruit flavour is just as variable. If you see a likely thicket, taste a couple before you decide whether the rest are flavoursome enough to be worth collecting. It's a bit early yet and the summer has been a bit disappointing in recent weeks, just when warm sunshine is needed to fatten and sweeten up those drupelets. If you have a large amount of space, plant a variety called Himalayan Giant. You could train it along twenty or thirty feet of wire. You'll get a massive crop of fruit that are as big as a 50p and which taste better than any wild fruit. A gorgeous blend of sweetness and brambliness. When you're picking, it helps to wear armour.