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Posted By: The Sandman
17-Aug-17 - 02:35 PM
Thread Name: EFDSS awards funding for new music
Subject: RE: EFDSS awards funding for new music
"I do know that the objectives of the Society are to promote traditional music, not ALL music!"
So is it the remit of EFDSS to promote songwriting?
particularly if few people seem to be able to define a modern folk song, how are EFDDS,whose remit is apparently to promote traditional folk song,supposed to judge what is a modern folk song if nobody can define it.
Vic points out that EFDSS are already promoting tradtional folk songs in schools, so is that a reason, that they should not increase their spending on this, of course not.
This new proposal is a complete waste of EFDSS time, if they are distributing PRS royalties as someone suggested, that is not their job, if they or nobody else cannot define a modern folk song, EFDSS should be spending more money on promoting traditional music instead. some people on this forum claim that beatles songs will be future folk songs others disagree, nobody in the folk world seems to be able to define a modern folk song, if that is the case encouraging songwriting should be left to non folk organisations, and folk organisations should spend their money on encouraging and promoting folk song or tradtional music which is the brief of EFDSS