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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
20-Aug-17 - 06:15 AM
Thread Name: EFDSS awards funding for new music
Subject: RE: EFDSS awards funding for new music
Render unto Caeser what is Caeser's...

years ago the EFdds (English daft sods) had an office in Newtown Birmingham. I sought it out and explained to the lady there that I ran three folk clubs locally. Was she interested. No she didn't have any time to go to folk clubs.

They have made their position very plain over a number of years. As bob Dylan said, we don't want hill billies. we want folksingers here.

they have no interest in the strata of society that produces folk music.

whatever they spend their money on. it won't have owt to do with us. however its good that they're spending it on music.