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Posted By: English Jon
01-Feb-01 - 03:47 AM
Thread Name: Help: Tunes in 5/8 7/8 etc for recorder
Subject: RE: Help: Tunes in 5/8 7/8 etc for recorder
Sorry, didn't think to mention the 3/2 Hornpipes. Thanks Craig. John Offord's book "John of the greeny Cheshire Way" has loads of them. It's out of print, but... You can get the first half of it in ABC format from Richard Robinson's ABC page et al.

Essential 3/2 Hornpipes:

Rusty Gully Dusty Miller (everyone knows these two!) Keys to the Cellar Tom Mellin's Flat Cap

Playford is very good for 3/2 and 6/4 tunes. Jamie Knowle's Book "A northern Lass" is also briliant and has a few interesting tunes...

"Lonsdale Hornpipe" is a 10 part 3/2. Fantastic. "French Stroller" is also fabulous, if you can find it.

Whether these are sufficiently Odd to hold the interest of a Jazzer for very long remains to be seen, but they are fantastic tunes and deserve an airing.

Cheers, Jon