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Posted By: DaveRo
21-Aug-17 - 12:21 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Mudcat browser tools
Subject: RE: Tech: Mudcat browser tools
A feature of this addon is that it highlights all threads that have been posted to since your last visit by displaying them in italics.

You may have seen in this_thread that you can add, for example, ?age=1 to a URL. This is obviously useful - not only if you want to reduce the age limit from the now-standard three days but if you want to increase it: if you last visited more than a day ago then the addon would italicise everything, which is not helpful.

Unfortunately, if you add an age parameter it stops the italicisation feature working. (I didn't know you could add 'query strings' to mudcat URLs so I didn't program for them). Some style changes break too.

I've fixed this in v2.1.1 which is in the review pipeline. Unfortunately Firefox for Android users won't get this version until Firefox 56 at the earliest; it works in 57 but I have yet to test it with 56-beta.

This will affect the Chrome Extension too, which appears to have only four users (or one user with four computers perhaps, depending on what they count). I'll take a look at that in a few days.