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Posted By: DMcG
23-Aug-17 - 01:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: All welcome on this thread
Subject: RE: BS: All welcome on this thread
My main camera is a bridge, a Sony a6000. This is a fair bit larger than most compacts, but when one of the smaller lens is in use it still fits happily in my pocket. The main disadvantage I find over a full SLR is that the range of lens isn't huge. I am not a serious photographer, so I think the most expensive lens I have was around £200.   For those who don't know about such things, a friend is a keen photographer and recently spent £10,000 on a glass (when you are that serious you don't call them lenses!)

If you are entering a photo in a competition, I can see why people might spent hours on it in Photoshop. My Photoshop use, except in the rarest of circumstances, doesn't go beyond a little fiddling with brightness and contrast. As a result, I don't really understand Photoshop at all. It is all very well to come up with a five step process to improve a picture - "Add a little magenta here" - but unless you have built up an intuitive understanding, coming up with the right five steps is difficult, and certainly beyond my skills.

I am not sure why this is become a photography thread, so by way of variety here's some of the books I am currently reading; I usually have several on the go.

- The Suicide Club
- Miss or Mrs?
- The Handmaid's tale (rereading after few decades)
- Singing from the Floor
- The Complete CS Lewis Signature classics