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Posted By: DaveRo
24-Aug-17 - 10:14 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Mudcat browser tools
Subject: RE: Tech: Mudcat browser tools
New version 2.1.2 is compatible with the ?age= parameter and works in Firefox, Firefox for Android, and Google Chrome.

I made it compatible with Firefox for Android 55 despite the fact that you can't set its preferences: preference setting only becomes available in 56. But I prioritised compatibility with the ?age feature, which is most useful on mobiles. Until 56 is released you'll be stuck with the default settings and won't be able to turn on the new styles, for example to move the search box to the bottom of the index page. (Preference setting does work in 56, despite appearing not to: the little pane that says "What this extension does" is scrollable. It all works better in 57.)

I don't use Google Chrome so if it doesn't install update or work, or stops working, please let me know. I think it should work on Chromebooks but I haven't tried it. It doesn't work on mobile because Google don't allow Chrome Extensions on mobile.

For anyone trying this addon for the first time, it works best if you keep the index page open and open each thread in a new tab (middle-click often does that) which will then automatically scroll down to the first new post. I do realise that everyone has their own preferred method of navigating the site, but that's mine and it's what the addon was designed for.