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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
24-Aug-17 - 09:06 PM
Thread Name: EFDSS awards funding for new music
Subject: RE: EFDSS awards funding for new music
if you are interested there are numerous analyses of Nick Drakes lyrics. He had enough pugnacious incomprehension of his artistic endeavours to kill him in his lifetime.

Quite why you feel the need to defame his reputation beyond the grave says more about why the folk clubs are empty, than Rosselson's song does about modern society.

Why not instead ask yourself why so many people respond to the beautifully crafted work of Nick Drake. No radio played his songs. No great promoter ran campaigns championing his music. None of the critics at the time slavishly applauded his albums - unlike the Carthys version of palaces of gold - was there one negative review? Drake's performances were never filmed.

Yet here we are fifty years after his death. There are more books every year about Nick Drake. Orchestras and jazz ensembles regularly perform his work. His grave is a place of pilgrimage and there is a festival of live music dedicated to his memory.

Would you demand prosaic interpretations of the libretto of Delius's Sea Drift, I wonder? Perhaps you would.

In the world of folk clubs and folk music - we can be proud that we for a while we were the cradle of many great talents like Nick Drake.

who knows. maybe this money will repeat the creative miracle.