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Posted By: Acme
27-Aug-17 - 12:13 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness -2017- Clearing Out the House
Michelle, if you HAD moved down here I'd have been one of your first visitors from Texas! And if you do ever change your mind, consider this a stopping point on the way there.

San Antonio and Austin are getting really wet right now. And that storm is about four counties south of us - a 90 minute drive. Waves of heavy rain are passing over the house this morning (another one just started as I opened this thread.) Austin and San Antonio have a 100% chance of rain, San Antonio showing they have about 1 inch of rain so far today. Rockport, Texas, where it landed has had 2.7 inches so far today, with severe thunderstorms predicted this afternoon.

On Friday I was able to clear the grass out of all of the driveway cracks and trim along the curb at the street, but the lawn is still tall and getting taller, I haven't had a chance to mow. In weeks. My neighbors are retirees and have more of the week to choose from for mowing. I refuse to pay someone to mow my yard - I need the exercise, but if I haven't had a chance in the next couple of days I could have the guy who mows next door take a pass through my front yard as well.

Keeping all of the devices charged. If the creek rises to the house I'll load up the dogs and essentials and head up the hill to a friend's house. *Note to self - remember the dog food.*

I did two more batches of jelly yesterday. I just about ran out of jelly jars. That doesn't happen often. I need to send out notes to friends to return empty jars if they still have them.

Adverse times help you see your own resources and resourcefulness, but there is difficult, and then there is impossible. A friend in Houston has plans to put garden tools in her attic so she and her mother can punch a hole out to get on the roof if necessary. I'm lucky to be as far north as I am - we are likely to see flooding in this area, but hopefully this storm will begin to dissipate soon. I filled up the SUV gas tank on Friday, I'll make sure the back seat has the dog liner in place in case we need to depart. And if water starts to rise in the yard (it's a long yard - we'll see it coming) I'll move the furniture from the den up a few inches to the rest of the house. Fingers crossed I don't need to use the flood insurance.