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Posted By: Acme
02-Sep-17 - 10:32 AM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness -2017- Clearing Out the House
Artificial fuel shortage aside, this part of Texas is going to be participating in the Hurricane Harvey recovery effort on many levels. We will watch and take our opportunities to assist as they arise. Right now the goal is to be self-sufficient and not draw on resources needed more urgently in the SE region. The magnitude reveals itself in everyday things - it's the first of the month, time to pay bills, but down there - how? And the mail. Soaked beyond recognition or washed away. A limited number of running vehicles are available (and a note to the wise - be very careful in examining the history of any used Texas vehicle you buy - anything that has been through a flood is going to have major problems even if it is "fixed up.")

I'm taking a few days off and have a long list of stuff to accomplish. I'm also taking a leaf from Katlaughing and participating in one of those monthly challenges that has come along. She wrote books during November; this month I'm doing the "Sober September," taking alcohol out of my diet completely* for the cost, health, and weight loss benefits. I went to a faculty gathering yesterday after work (a "First Friday" thing in the early evening, a chance to schmooze) and took two bottles of Topo Chico with me to begin the challenge.

The dogs need walking now that weather is cooling a bit, and the garden needs tackling. I need to dig deep in a front bed to remove the roots of vines that keep appearing. I'll help my neighbor manage her new Kindle tablet, and we are doing regular exercises with smart phones. Her son convinced her to trade in the flip phone and she hasn't completely figured out how some of it works. I take my phone over and we take turns calling each other so she can practice different features of the phone. (She's about 80 now, so her willingness to learn this new phone is an excellent sign.) I have lots of housekeeping and craft stuff to do in the house. I need to work on my back patio, make it more presentable and replace the missing beam on the patio cover.

*If any food in the freezer has wine, it's still going to be part of this month's diet. And if a dish being prepared absolutely calls for wine, I have some frozen in pint canning jars and can spoon out enough for flavor and not compromise my intent not to drink glasses of alcoholic beverages this month.