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Posted By: Mr Red
03-Sep-17 - 06:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: All welcome on this thread
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Well, neuro psychologists say 'learning styles' are a myth.

well bugger me. Allow me to (in my ignorance an experience) be contentious.

1) When I was at Uni I found writing things helped memory retention. Motor actions refer.
2) When I wrote songs I found that learning the finished song was essential, and an entirely different process from composing. Divergent cf Convergent. Writing it out, (repetition). Singing in the car - more repetition. Listening to my own renditions (recording).
3) I heard and practice the style when meeting new people to repeat their name back to them. Or even write it down. The motor actions put the memory in different parts of the brain.
4) I read in (think) the New Scientist that recall is better in the same context as when you learned it. And saying that to a guitarist at a session he came back with the immortal observation. "Yea, there are 1/2 pint tunes, one pint tunes and the ones you daren't try before the second pint."

Ring any bells anyone?