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Posted By: Acme
04-Sep-17 - 11:14 AM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness -2017- Clearing Out the House
Cleared out a bunch of Martha Stewart Living back issues from the magazine stand in the master bath. I stopped subscribing a couple of years ago, but have discovered that Amazon Prime lets me read the current issue free. I need to figure out how to print the screen occasionally, but this will work. There are other magazines I read and share and want more access to their web sites, so The New Yorker will stay a subscription (though I struggle every year to find a way to push the cost of that one down.)

I have a lot of seasonal items to list on eBay; for every time I mention needing to get started listing, I rearrange or cull things that don't belong in there, but haven't listed anything new, so the time has come. I did a lot of virtual decluttering (moving the contents of folders and one whole account) out of Photobucket, where I used to host blog photos and eBay photos before eBay made it free and easy to load them. Now I need to find a place to park those and fix some old blog posts and photograph and list eBay items. Going back and forth between a couple of tasks can sometimes keep me going longer.

The fitness tracker I bought last spring sprung a moisture leak and I haven't used it since late July. They will send me a new one when the next model comes out, sometime this fall. In the meantime to appease me they offered to send free a "smart" scale. I finally set it up this morning, and it talks to the house WiFi to get the weather. So I can see my weight, my BMI, and what the day holds as far as weather (though the report this morning must have been for Finland, no way those low temps represent Texas in September.)

Finally, I am heartbroken to learn that Nancy Zieman of Sewing With Nancy, a steadfast PBS citizen for decades, is dying of metastatic osteosarcoma or breast cancer. She didn't say which one, but she has been treated for both. Yesterday I put more leaves in my dining room table and pulled out a small comforter/quilting project I have been meaning to work on and spread it out. She taught so many people how to sew, and how to make art. This one's for you, Nancy.