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Posted By: The Sandman
05-Sep-17 - 01:50 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Do you use D A D G A D?
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Do you use D A D G A D?
yes, a matter of taste,the advantage of many open tunings is more sympathetic ringing., that is a fact, not a matter of taste it is also a fact that in the key of d major, d g a modal are all available as modal chords in standard tuning if you get away from using six strings, a modal is available in a six string version d modal in a 5 string version. g modal is available on bottom 4 strings,so is c modal, standard tuning is the tuning that is the most versatile.English tunes are generally speaking harmonically simpler than irish tunes, and generally use less modes than irish tunes, that is a fact.
it is also a fact that in DADGAD there are more different inversions of modal chords that are easy to play and require less technique and which can sound interesting , the problem with some people who use DADGAD, is that they seem to think technique is not necessary, and they keep on repeating the same few tricks incessantly[ obviously i do not mean you Brian] Pierre Bensusan is a Dadgad virtuoso and has great technique and should be compulsory listening for DAdGAD wannabes