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Posted By: Steve Shaw
07-Sep-17 - 04:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: brexit matters
Subject: RE: BS: brexit matters
I think that more and more people are seeing what many of us knew from the outset, that brexit is a disaster in waiting. The party leaders are dragging their feet, pretending that they're somehow defending democracy (oh, and hanging on to those meal-tickets, Jim) by sticking to the pro-brexit line. I think that will change, at least among non-Tories, as we watch that arch-buffoon Davis continue to screw up and get laughed at by the EU big knobs, who are having a great time now that they realise that our leaving is going to destroy us but will leave them almost untouched. No skin off their noses if we don't "get a deal." The Tories can't change their position because of their backbenchers, May's paralysis and the spectre of a UKIP resurgence, but I think Labour can. We've already seen the call for retained membership of the single market and customs union during a transitional phase. I think we're going to see brexit fudged out of existence.