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Posted By: Jim Carroll
07-Sep-17 - 06:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: brexit matters
Subject: RE: BS: brexit matters
"I think it's possible Brexit might not happen"
I sincerely hope it doesn't, for the sake of those who will be effected adversely (if they have not been already)
I remember being in a conference full of ballad enthusiasts from all over the world (including Britain) who universally condemn it.
I am no great fan of the EU, as it stands - it is no more than an assembly of capitalist states attempting to do the best (under the system) for their people - what happened to Greece underlined its dangers and weaknesses.
However, while the present system remains, it is, as Churchill once said about Capitalism, "the best we've got until something else comes along".
It isolationism being aimed at now has brought out the worst aspects of of the system we live under - racism being to the fore.
The same applies to Trump's America with its Klan marches and Mexican wall - methods of 'divide and conquor' all
Jim Carroll