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Posted By: Stanron
07-Sep-17 - 04:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: brexit matters
Subject: RE: BS: brexit matters
The bottom line is, the EU wants our money. £11 billion a year will take some replacing. Germany already coughs up a lot. France won't want to increase it's contribution. Greece, Italy and Spain can't afford to pay more.

I know we get a part of the £11 billion back but there will be a lot of sticky EU fingers with nothing to grab.

They want our money. That is what the 'Divorce Bill' is all about. It's an attempt to get our money first so that money is out of the equation before they talk about a trade deal. They don't want us to be able to use our money as a bargaining tool.

If they stick to that we could well crash out without a deal in 2019. Without a deal we can do very well in the long term. Do you know how much food prices are inflated because of EU tariffs?

To be honest I can't put a figure on it myself but my understanding is that we will be a lot better off after leaving.

The Japanese car factories are already better off from the devaluation of the £. Their profits will probably remain viable trading on world trade rates.

The doom and gloom all comes from people who did not want us to leave. So far all doomy gloomy forecasts have been proven false. You'll still be able to take your foreign breaks. They'll still want our money. Chill.