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Posted By: Jim Carroll
08-Sep-17 - 07:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: Jacob Rees Mogg.
Subject: RE: BS: Jacob Rees Mogg.
"They are his personal beliefs, not those of his party."
Ake asked whether he si fir to hold office as Prime Minister - not what his personal views were
Anbody advocation such archaic veiws which adversely affect a huge swathe of the British population is not - surely,
The fact that he admits being mad as a bag of frogs doesn't change the fact that he is as mad as a bag of frogs one iota
Corbyn is upfront in his views and has won the leadership on the basis of his beliefs
Let's hope Jarog puts up and brings a few more out of the woodwork - it did wonders when Loose Bruce came out
Jim Carroll