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Posted By: Jim Dixon
08-Sep-17 - 08:44 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Bonnie Blue Bonnets
Subject: Lyr Add: THE BONNIE BLUE (The Corries)
I think this may be the song that minstrel53 originally wanted, although I can't find any evidence that the Makem brothers recorded it. I found several versions online but they all seemed to contain errors; I corrected them to the best of my ability based on my hearing of the recording, but I might have missed some. Further corrections are welcome.

As recorded by The Corries on "The Bonnie Blue" (2009)

1. Blarin' trumpets sounded far.
Horseman rade well graithed tae war.
The English come up frae Dunbar
Upon the misty mornin',
Prince Chairlie wi' the Hieland host
Lay westward on the Lothian coast.
Johnnie bragged wi' many's the boast
He'd roast [or "roust"?] them ere next mornin'.

CHORUS: Run, run, ye ganglin' crew!
This mornin's work ye lang will rue.
The bonnie blue bonnets are after you,
Tae wish ye's a' guid mornin.

2. Lang ere the cock proclaimed it day,
The Prince's men stood in array.
Though impatient for the fray,
Bent low the knee that mornin'.
When "row dow dow" rolled the English drum,
The Hieland bagpipe gaed a "bum"
And told the mountain clans had come,
Grim death and danger scornin'. CHORUS

3. Ilk hand was firm; ilk heart was true.
A shot and doon their guns they threw,
Forth their dreaded claymores drew
Upon that fearful mornin'.
The English raised a loud "Huzzah!"
But daurnae bide the brunt ava'.
They wavered, turned, sine ran awa'
Like sheep at shepherds' warnin'. CHORUS

4. Whit sad mishap that few befell,
When faint had grown the battle's yell!
Still Gardiner fought, and fighting, fell
Upon that fatal mornin'.
Nae braggart but a sodjer, he
Wad scorn wi' coward loons tae flee,
And fell aneath the auld thorn tree,
Upon that fearsome mornin'. CHORUS

5. Fast, fast, their foot and horsemen flew.
Caps were mixed wi' bonnie blue.
Dirks were wet, but no wi' dew,
Upon that fatal mornin'.
Few stayed save ae devoted band
Tae bide the brunt o' Hieland brand,
That swept aroond, lopped head and hand
Upon that fatal mornin'. CHORUS

6. To boast our deeds becomes us ill,
Yet Scotland has her border still,
Be there some who'd have their will,
For want o' thought or learnin'.
The Roman legions tried in vain.
The Saxon, Dane, and Norseman came.
Nane o' them could us contain,
So heed this gentle warnin'. CHORUS

LAST CHORUS: Run, run, ye ganglin' crew.
The bonnie blue bonnets are after you,
But all we really want to do
Is wish ye's a' guid mornin'!