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Posted By: Teribus
08-Sep-17 - 02:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Jacob Rees Mogg.
Subject: RE: BS: Jacob Rees Mogg.
Anytime Rees-Mogg has appeared on Question Time he acquitted himself far, far better than his fellow panellists. Anytime he spoke to address a point EVERYONE fell silent to listen to what he had to say - Not always the case on that programme:

"Mr Rees–Mogg previously described the victory for the Leave campaign as "a wonderful liberation for the country", adding "no political event in my lifetime has been better or more exciting for the nation".

Following a particularly impassioned speech in the Commons earlier this year, Brexit secretary David Davis declared: "As ever, my right honourable friend speaks for England."

The question of a second referendum was raised and Mr Rees–Mogg calmly declared that democracy must be respected.

On Question Time he added: "This is characteristic of the EU, vote in a way that Brussels does not like and you have to vote again until they have done what they tell you.
[Ask the electorate of Ireland that is precisely what has happened to them TWICE now]

"It seems to me that we had a referendum, we voted to leave and that must be implemented or we deny democracy."

As for this:

"Rees Mogg is an anachronism, his beliefs are archaic, outdated and serve no useful purpose in the 21st century, not even to the Tory party."

Well I will grant that he is honest and has integrity which does set him out as being liable to accusations of being "anachronistic" in comparison to our current crop of politicians. But greatly to his credit, he does not squat down in railway carriages and complain about there being no seats when there is documented video coverage of the fact that there were seats available.

As for "beliefs being outdated" - I do not believe that he would waste anytime attempting to restore the reputation of Leon Trotsky a-la Jeremy Corbyn. But I suppose to some on this forum that is real "finger-on-the-pulse" stuff.