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Posted By: JeffB
08-Sep-17 - 07:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Jacob Rees Mogg.
Subject: RE: BS: Jacob Rees Mogg.
Well, here you all go again, dancing to ake's tune while he's laughing up his sleeve at you. You lot never learn. He posts something provocative, everyone jumps in, then you start arguing amongst yourselves, then it turns into a vicious slanging match, and once in a while he posts again to stir things up. Why do you bother to even reply to his posts and play his infantile game? Do you really think you can change his mind? Do you think he is remotely interested in your opinions? He's just a troll. He enjoys winding you up. He doesn't think in a rational way; he has merely a visceral hatred of liberal opinion which he cannot articulate because he chooses not to think rationally. What he believes to be his considered opinions are nothing but a kind of frustrated emotion fuelled by aggressive discontent, like all the other bigoted trolls which infest the internet.

I have asked him a couple of times to say exactly what aspects of liberal political philosophy he disagrees with, and why, and he refuses to reply. Because he can't. Because thought, of an impartial analytical rational sort, is beyond him. What he can do though, and what he delights in, is getting "liberals" in a lather. It proves to him that he is better than you.

Best thing to do is to stop posting to this thread, and ignore him in future.