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Posted By: harpgirl
08-Sep-17 - 11:07 PM
Thread Name: What's the weather like where you are?
Subject: RE: What's the weather like where you are?
Hi all you cats. harpy checking in on the thread I started many years ago. As you all know we are about to get Big Irma spreading havoc over the entire state. The Europeon model has it going up the state slightly west fom previous models. The next forecast is 11tonight.   Have been tying down my iron patio furniture, lashing it to the fence. I have a big tarp ready for any holes in my roof. I moved the kayaks up against the back fence, moved the compost barrell to the corner near the fence and have cleared the yard of most missle like projectile objects. I have camp cooking equipment , water, propane and such to go to dad's tonight. I have been caring for him since mom died five years ago. He will be 94 next week..i stay with him and he lives three miles from my house in a big gexpensive retirement community called Westminster Oaks and has for ten years. I am his caregiver so he doesn't go in to the nursing home care.

I am on the west side of the path, with the eye probably 75 miles east of me. The west side is better with no tornadoes spawning as a rule.

Florida is a large parking lot with millions going north. No gas in south Florida and many people including my brother and his family staying in Stuart, my cousin staying in Miami because of her oxygen tank, and my niece about to have a c section next Friday. They all live with my brother in Stuart and he hopes she doesn't give birth early. So her new husband, six year old autistic son, my brother and his wife are together in Stuart.

I am not too worried, just taking it all in and remaining. Calm It is pleasantly cool in Tallahassee and I am on the front porch and soon to go back to dad's fir the night.

This is the worst soirm in history I'm afraid, but probably my tenth or twelfth in Florida. I am tired of hurricanes, I can tell you that. I hope everyone in Florida survives and I love you all. Keep making music. We need it. Love, harpy