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Posted By: Teribus
09-Sep-17 - 02:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Essence of England
Subject: RE: BS: The Essence of England
Anybody watch yesterday's play at Lord's?

In answer to Donuel's question:

Donuel - 08 Sep 17 - 06:06 AM

"Speaking of failed global empires,

Is their anything the UK can teach America about the process of losing empires?"

Frankly stating the obvious with regard to America - You cannot lose something that you never had.

There have been many Empires down through the centuries of recorded history Donuel, only one that I can think of that in it's wake created a Commonwealth of Nations - the second largest international organisation in the world after the United Nations. So in a way you are right, should ever the USA find itself in the position of having an "Empire" to lose, the UK would be the "go to" nation to ask advice because we obviously know how to let one go on far better terms than anyone else who has ever had one - I wish, as failures go, that was the norm.