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Posted By: DMcG
09-Sep-17 - 04:06 AM
Thread Name: BS: Jacob Rees Mogg.
Subject: RE: BS: Jacob Rees Mogg.
He sees the anomaly in a 24 week old foetus having the "right to life", yet a 23 week old does not.

Leaving the specific issue aside, he knows full well that every law introduces such anomalies. Why is someone of sixteen allowed things that a sixteen-year-old-less-1hr is not? Or 18 years olds allowed to vote, but 17-and-11 months can't? Or women of a certain age can retire as 65 but those born a day later they have to wait to 67? Laws introduce boundaries, and the exact point of that boundary is a balance of many competing interests; it is a consensus not, in most case, a matter of anything specifically logical about the choice. So pleading this specific law as anomalous is mendacious, in my view.