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Posted By: akenaton
10-Sep-17 - 09:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: Jacob Rees Mogg.
Subject: RE: BS: Jacob Rees Mogg.
Calm down Jim, or you will get my thread closed.
"If you believe we are "all in it together" explain why is the gap between haves and have not increasing at the rate it is"
I also think the wealth gap is a disgrace and that it can only be remedied by a socialist system, but we have widely differing opinions on how that should be brought about. You appear believe that a revolution or a continuation of the battles of the last century can accomplish what they failed to do in the past when the "working class" were an organised section of political opinion.
I believe that only unity and all our people working together can bring about a fair society. It will take a couple of generations and will be necessity rather than choice, as resources diminish; it will seem like evolution to those who participate, but to our eyes at this time it will look like totalitarianism.
The "socialist paradise" will not be pleasant, but it will be about survival rather than "fun"......there will certainly be no room for the "liberal" idiocies that we now tip toe around.